Cover Letter/Outline

My Portfolio for Assessment:

1. Writing
A. I included links to three Google Docs for proof of my multiple drafts/revisions. These are located on the Homepage in a post entitled “Evidence of Drafting/Revising.”
B. I also have a variety of writing pieces I have posted on my Homepage. I have six that have gone through various drafts. They are titled: “My Math Anxiety,” “Blind Date,” “Poop Matters,” “Candy Store,” “Middle Age,” and “Things Karlee Will Never Know,” as well as two of my three Writing Marathon pieces. (The third is on my yellow pad–somewhere.)  I have two other pieces I am not comfortable putting on the World-Wide Web, and, finally, I have many beginnings of writings I did not post on my blog, thought-starters, really.
C. I also contributed “Things Karlee Will Never Know” to the class anthology.

II. Reading
A. There are three reading posts on the Homepage about Stephen King’s On Writing, as well as one about silent voices in the classroom.
B. My reflection on my reading is included on my overall reflection on the Homepage.
C. I contributed two pieces to the class bibliography.

III. Teaching Demonstration
A. I presented, and my PowerPoint and handouts are under the Teaching Demo page.
B. My responses follow my demo.
C. My reflection is posted with my PowerPoint and handouts.

IV. Institute Participation
A. My Log Report is under the Log Report page.
B. I posted a Holistic Reflection on my HomePage.
C. I have been here every day! :)


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