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Blind Date

Blind Date “She’ll like him,” he said. “He’s good looking,” he said. “Ask her,” he said. So I did.  He was a boyfriend I had in high school named Ed.  He was a few years older and in college.  He … Continue reading

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I am buying books!

Books, oh my!  I am buying so many books I want to read because of the LMWP.  I have gotten three in the mail: Stephen King On Writing, Bird by Bird, and Everything’s an Argument.  I have also started a “Wish List” … Continue reading

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Poop Matters

Poop Matters I come by it honestly.  It being constipation.  My dad suffers with it and his father before him.  And if you’ve ever had it in its chronic form, you’ll know it is a suffering.  It runs in my … Continue reading

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Candy Store

Candy Store Until I was six, we lived on the main street of Sand Lake, a little town nestled north of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My memories of this time are like blurry snapshots, yet several memories revolve around walking on … Continue reading

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Middle Age

What I Know About: I know about middle age, or better yet, I am learning about middle age.  Maybe it can’t be known until you go through it.  Middle age isn’t like being a teenager, which is easily defined by … Continue reading

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Things Karlee Will Never Know

Things Karlee Will Never Know I have tried to give my daughter Karlee everything I had as a child.  Some things, though, are  preserved by time, like a curvy-edged black and white photograph capturing a decade in time.  I was … Continue reading

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My t-shirt argument!

  Writer.   First, I suggest we use a short, succinct quote.  I hate t-shirt sayings that are too long and difficult to read. (I know we are writers, but remember the audience and the exigence.) The saying needs to … Continue reading

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