50-Word Saga

Getting to know your peers via the 50 Word Saga

Due: Monday, July 15, 2013 at 1:59 pm

50 Word Sagas

Tell us about yourself in EXACTLY 50 words. (It’s not easy.) Use your words carefully and respectfully. Don’t bother with the insignificant words. If you’d like, post a picture of yourself.  

Respond to as many peers as you possibly can. Treat this forum like a traditional ice-breaker. Make eye contact, listen carefully, be engaged, and interact with all the new people you meet. The difference– with an online class, all these actions are whittled down to reading and responding.

Here is my saga:

Mother of two, wife, Beagle owner, foodie: I love teaching, reading, chasing Oscar-nominated movies, and entertaining.  A Ram and Bronco grad, Falcon and Spartan mom, ArtPrize volunteer, this Tiger fan values education, sports, friends, and art. Must have’s: ice cream, sunbeam naps, over-sized sweatshirts, strong coffee, browned popcorn, and jazz.



Wife, mother, teacher, twin, friend. (How do they decide which will be on my tombstone?) Loves school, reading, and writing, as well as food, sweets especially ice cream, chocolate, and peanut butter. Love to travel, want to snorkel more, France and Italy next. Love my bichon frise Kip. That’s it!


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