My teeming brain

Just a quick note about something I have noticed since I’ve been writing every day–I have more ideas!  My brain is constantly mulling new writing ideas.  I can barely remember if I shaved my legs or conditioned my hair in the shower because I am thinking about possible topics for my 30 minutes of sacred writing.  Maybe I’ll invent a white board that is shower proof.  I am off to write.

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One Response to My teeming brain

  1. Lindsay E. says:

    Happiness! I’m happy not only to witness your self-awareness and meta-cognition, but also to hear your testimony (that confirms what I’ve read elsewhere). So often teachers (including myself for years) are scared to let go of giving students a new prompt before each writing session. I sometimes doubt that I’m giving students enough direction. When I used to give prompts every day, though, I never allowed students to experience what you just described.

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