Stephen King’s On Writing

July 5

Today I am reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and I am loving it.  I have to admit, although I’d like to read it, I skipped to the second part where he is talking about his craft of writing.  He is giving delightful advice.

On page 139, he says there are two things a writer must do: read and write.  He then goes on to talk about what he reads–mostly fiction and his purpose for it.  As an audio reader myself, I was delighted to read that he is an audio fan too.  I have heard some people poo-poo the reading and writing connection, but I know it is there.  If you don’t read, it’s harder to write.  Plus, you learn a lot about being an audience.

He also goes on about avoiding TV, and I bet today he’d add in other technology.  He sounds like Dave Ramsey, saying shut of the TV and do something valuable.  The new book Dave advertises is called Start, and from what I can tell, it centers on the principle that anyone can squeeze 3o minutes out of his day to do something he loves or needs to do to improve himself.  I am starting to see that with the LMWP 30 minute sacred writing time.

King also talks about having a place to write.  I love how he tells of his unglamorous writing in the laundry of their trailer with his wife’s typewriter and a child’s desk balancied on his knees.  He wrote his first two novels there.  He advises that it be a boring place–no distractions, and a place where a door can be closed, which sends the message that you are serious.

I love writing on the tables on the 4th floor of GVSU’s Eberhart Center.  The view of the the river calms me, but I could use a door.  The elevator noise and passerbys can be distracting.  A plus is that the bathroom is right there!

I go to read more.

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